WBL Rec late summer/fall ball league

Posted by Westlake Baseball League on Jul 09 2020 at 06:26PM PDT

Those interested in playing baseball this late summer/fall — check out

WBL Families,

Our travel teams have been playing this season while staying within the new guidelines of play. As always, this is a fluid situation and we are excited for our REC program to play this late summer/fall ball — our first “fall ball” league!

Practices begin July 27th and games begin August 27th.

is open at and will remain open until July 20 at 11:59p. We are a co-ed league for all players in Pre-K through 12th grade. Any player from any community are welcome to play with us. Kids from the surrounding communities have always been welcome to play with us.

Any “TRAVEL” players are also welcome to play with us this fall as REC players.

*We are having kids play in the division they would have been in this spring.

ex. May 2020 Jack was in 6th grade and was registered as a 6th grader in our Major League division.
Jack will STAY in that same league this fall.
Spring 2021 Jack will be in 7th grade and will be registered as a 7th grader in our Pony League division.

if you can still Coach or want to Coach, please go back into registration and tell us you can Coach.

$325.00 sponsorship is 100% tax deductible donation and your logo will go on the middle back of every player and Coaches jersey. We also highlight your business on our Facebook page and our website. See attachment for more information.
Email and include a hi-res logo.

2 options that MUST be chosen by July 20, 2020:

If you would prefer to roll your registration fee(s) into the 2021 season, email President, Jerome Welliver at — include parent full name and child’s full name and tell him to roll your registration fee into 2021. (only players going from Rookie to Minor would need to pay the $30 difference between the 2 divisions)

Need a refund, email President, Jerome Welliver at
- include parent full name and child’s full name and the reason.
- we will refund your money minus $20.00 because insurance liability and website fees have been deducted.

** If we don’t hear from you by July 20, 2020 – WE WILL PLAN on your child(ren) playing this late summer/fall ball. **

for this late summer/fall ball league that are based off how our WBL Travel teams are running their season currently. Please see attachment in email for complete guidelines.

1. A parent/legal guardian must sign off on a special COVID waiver that applies to each family. Players are NOT allowed to practice or play until the Head Coach receives the signed waiver — see attachment.

2. Attendance records for each team will be kept at each game — HOME TEAM coach keeps records. Each player is allowed 4 guests total. Parents may submit a list of top consistent 4 guests with full names and cell phones for each guest at each game.

*We need to be able to potentially reach every guest from every game.
ex. player is Sam Smith
4 guests: Mr. Smith 555-555-5555
Mrs. Smith 555-555-5556
Grandma & Grandpa Smith 555-555-5557

3. Currently players are not required to wear a mask. Players must stay in their PLAYERS ONLY section. Players are not allowed in dugouts – only Coaches. Players must bring their own chair to the game that will be spaced 6ft apart.

We encourage you to bring your own equipment to every practice and game – glove, mitt, bat, helmet (labeled).

Spray sanitizer will be in every team bag for baseballs and players hands and any shared face mask helmets for our T-ball & Rookie leagues.

Every inning kids sanitize hands.

If you would like to borrow equipment from us – you must sign off on an agreement that you’re borrowing a bat and/or helmet.
We will have 2 days only to pickup any borrowed equipment:
July 25 from 12-2p and July 26th from 9-11a
at Roman Park on south side of parking lot.

This gives players a chance to be fitted for the correct size helmet and bat.
Any equipment that is borrowed and not returned by the end of the season the player will be charged $30.00 based on the credit card on file used for registration.

Thank you for your support, patience and flexibility with us this year while we charter new waters.


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